I was once called Wonder Woman.

Now, I am a mom of 3 living her daily life fighting osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia at 31. So many things I used to be able to do, I have no chance at now. This is hopefully a humorous therapy for me. Just chronicalling my journey through motherhood, being a good wife, being a mother, and every day daily stuffs. :D

Monday, January 31, 2011

Still have writers block...

However, I know if I do not just get back into it, it will just continue. That doesn't mean it is easy, or simple, to correct, it just means it needs done. A lot of things anymore are like that. Take cleaning my house for example. It used to be getting up, going to work, somedays pulling a 10-14 hr shift, picking up other shifts when they needed someone, etc, was difficult. Now-a-days, just cleaning my house is that difficult. Take this weekend for example. I had a great pain day Saturday, compared to most. I spent the day cleaning my house good, not just picking it up, but CLEANING it. Over the course of Saturday night, Sunday, and this morning, it's a mess again. I need to go at least pick it up again, however, it's difficult to do so when you can barely move. :(  Hubby let me sleep in, which was incredibly nice (sleeping in for me is up at 6am with the kids, and laying back down at around 8am), but I laid down in pain, and I woke up in even more pain. I'm always tired anymore, being in constant pain wears you out pretty quickly, but I just don't seem to get very rested sleep...ever. I have heard of cases of FM being caused due to the brain not releasing the chemicals to cause your muscles to relax when you sleep, and I am currently wondering if that is not my case as well. I don't know, but it is something I plan to talk to the new doctor about.

Also, does anyone know of a good home possibly wanting a 2yr old Silky terrier/chihuahua mix male? He's a great dog, and comes with his kennel, he's very good in said kennel, but it is growing increasingly difficult for me to take him out when he needs out. Hubby is getting very irritated with it. I can't have 4 kids and the dog going all over the floor! Joy is litter box trained now thanks to the cat...she's imitated him and is now litter trained! So, yeah, she is easy, however Jake is not. He has to be taken out at least a few times a day, but is able to hold it for a while as well when required or no one is home. He's a great dog, he knows up means to get up on your lap, down means get off whatever he is on (lap, couch, bed, etc), he knows stay means keep your butt in the door when I go out, and bed means to get in his kennel. I've had him since he ws 3 months old, and he's a really good dog. I just have major troubles a lot of days anymore being able to take him outside. He wont go out unless I go out with him and tell him to "go potty" or "go poo". He does so on command, but takes a few minutes to sniff out the "perfect" place. He has never really been on a leash when he goes out, as he has been taught to stay in the yard at all times. We've only had a few instances of him wandering down the road to the bus stop area to explore, but he always knows his way home. He knows "let's go" means we are going inside as well. He knows sit when he wants to, it is not always a command he seems to WANT to do though. He'd be a GREAT dog for agility training or something. He's wonderful with other dogs, cats, even rats. He's been raised around them all. He's people friendly but will bark to show you he's wanting to protect you. In my house, he barks when someone stands at the door, but if they come in and sit down, he's just fine. He's protective of me, but not in a mean sense, he just will let me know when someone is near the house, or another dog. He loves to play, and has a few squeek toys he would come with as well, his favorites are the small sized loofa dogs. He rolls over on his back and just squeeks them.

Anyways, please, ask around, let me know. I want to make sure he finds a good home. :(

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