I was once called Wonder Woman.

Now, I am a mom of 3 living her daily life fighting osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia at 31. So many things I used to be able to do, I have no chance at now. This is hopefully a humorous therapy for me. Just chronicalling my journey through motherhood, being a good wife, being a mother, and every day daily stuffs. :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh my, 5 kids!

Yes, that is right,  I have 5 kids currently in my living room playing Rock Band and YELLING at each other. I currently have to all ready clean up the popcorn from the movies last night that my middle daughter, C, decided to dump all over M, her half brother whom arrived via reindeer (aka, airplane) yesterday evening. You all have no idea how wonderful it is to have them all here though! And really, 5 isnt all that much harder than the 3-4 I have on a regular basis.

You may be wondering where the 5th came from though, as I stated I have 3, and my stepson. Well the third is K. L's best friend whom doesnt have a family. If I could adopt her today, I sooo would! I love her dearly, as does my husband, and we've even presented it to her guardian that we would love to formally put in paperwork that if anything happens to her guardian, we want to adopt her. We even had a lawyer say she would draft the paperwork for us for FREE! There is a LOT more to her story than  I am going to announce to the world wide web on my blog though, but feel free to suffice it and say it is a VERY sad story. No girl, heck, no child, should have ever had to deal with any of the things this girl has dealt with. But we love her, and she is my unofficial daughter.

Now, yes, I will be loosing my mind this week, as we try to manage to fit 5 kids and 2 adults up to my grandparents for Christmas Eve dinner/gifts, it's tradition, and I really do want to go. I miss my family, as with my FM and such, I have MAJOR issues driving just to the north side of town, let alone clear up for the hour and 15 minute drive to my family, and my mom is further north than that even! :(  Lucky for me, hubby is driving!

Oh by the way, if you have not seen "Dispicable ME", do it!! Best movie ever I think. I've seen it twice now in the movie theater, only a couple days apart, and loved, loved, loved it!!

We also picked up "Easy A" last night, it was a pretty good movie, quite funny, and quite heartwarming at the end. Emma Stone is an amazing actress whom is stunning to look at as well!

You see, movies are one of the few things I am still able to enjoy, permitting I have my pain medicine in me. It does not require me to stand or walk or whatnot, and I can adjust how I sit often to avoid getting into a lot of pain. I enjoy the movies, especially with hubby, as before I met him, I never really went to the theater often at all, now we do the dollar theater, but hey, it's still nice, and usually on date night! :D Nothing beats just the two of us at the movies, his arm around my shoulders, my hand holding his other, just spending time together.

I may have FM and osteoarthritis, but I am definately blessed! I have 5 fabulous kids for the holidays, an absolutely amazing husband that loves me and takes great care of me, a beatiful house, a nice car. I am definately giving thanks this year!! My only wish is that someday I will be able to actually walk around right again, go back to work (I miss my co-workers sooooo much!!). That is my goal, oh, and to loose a little more weight. Despite loosing 23lbs so far, I still got asked if I was pregnant last night... :(

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