I was once called Wonder Woman.

Now, I am a mom of 3 living her daily life fighting osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia at 31. So many things I used to be able to do, I have no chance at now. This is hopefully a humorous therapy for me. Just chronicalling my journey through motherhood, being a good wife, being a mother, and every day daily stuffs. :D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ugh, sooo much pain!

Spent close to 4hrs at the airport yesterday making sure M got on his plane home ok. Hubby managed to use the wrong departure time, and we originally got there at 10am, only to find out that his plane didnt leave until almost 3pm, it was all ready delayed by 20 mins at that point.We went to lunch and came back around 1:pm. By the time he took off, it was almost 2 hrs behind! :( Those airport chairs, and all the walking involved to get to the chairs at the gate, are NOT intended for someone with physical issues! Even the medication is not helping with the pain from all of this last night and this morning. Top that with what is probably a broken nose, and I am not having a good few days! haha.

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